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What happens if I am referred to Community Paediatrics? ADHD

Concerning Behaviour Pathway Stage 3 

Once you have completed stage 1 and 2 of the pathway and have a key worker in place. Your GP might feel it is the right time to ask the Community Paediatric team to see you. Please give your GP any information you have including your "getting to know you" form so that they can send it with the letter asking for an appointment.

The Community Paediatric Department may give advice to your GP without seeing you or may offer you an appointment. 

What happens next?

At your first appointment you/your family will be asked questions and you may be examined for medical conditions.  If you have any new information or reports it is useful to bring copies of these to this appointment. 

You should be told what is going to happen next and why. If you feel uncomfortable or uncertain please tell the doctor.

The doctor will think about all the information and make a plan with you.

What happens at the end of the appointment?

At the end of the appointment the doctor will explain what will happen next.

  • You might be offered support and advice and transferred back to the care of your GP or key worker
  • The doctor may need more information from other people who know you
  • You may be offered another appointment
  • You may be referred to another doctor or specialist
  • You may need further tests. The doctor will explain what these involve and why they are needed
  • You also may be asked to do some reading or contact other services yourself.

Follow on care

Assessment usually takes a number of months. In some cases it is straightforward, but sometimes you may need to be seen a few times before an explanation can be given for your difficulties

You can get help and support even if you do not have a diagnosis see page: “where can I get help?”

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