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Other Conditions

The Community Paediatric team look after children and young people with a number of other conditions.

Advice about different conditions can be found on:

NHS Choices Website

Contact a Family

Down Syndrome

The Community Paediatric team are involved very soon after a baby has been found to have Down Syndrome. We will work with the family to understand the diagnosis, and provide them with support information.

Children and Young People with Down Syndrome are seen regularly to ensure their health needs are being met.

Developmental Delay

Children and young people may be seen by the Community Paediatric team to help understand why they are not making the same progress as other children their age.

This can affect different areas of children’s development:

  • Motor skills eg walking, jumping, climbing
  • Fine Motor skills eg using scissors, writing, catching and throwin
  • Speech and Language skills
  • Social skills eg getting on with others
  • Self care skills eg getting dressed
  • Learning eg maths, reading

Delays in two different areas is sometimes known as global developmental delay.

Information about developmental delay can be found on the Contact a Family Website.

We have also developed a Developmental Delay patient information leaflet which has additional information and resources.

Learning Delay/Disability

The Community Paediatric team does not assess learning ability or for specific learning difficulties.

Learning delay or disabilities can be associated with other conditions, but also can cause similar behaviours to children with ASD or ADHD without meeting the full criteria for these conditions.

Some children/young people are working quite far behind their peers and need additional support.

If you are concerned or want more information about your child’s learning ability please contact your School.

Please also see our Learning Delay Patient Information Leaflet

Genetic Conditions

We are learning more and more about genetic conditions which can cause difficulties in children and young people.

If we find a genetic condition, we will direct you to the most appropriate resources and involve the clinical genetic team.

Information about rarer clinical conditions can be found on the Unique Website.

Physical Disabilities

Some of the children/young people we see have conditions like cerebral palsy which requires regular monitoring along with other teams including physiotherapy and orthopaedics

Please see our Physical Disabilities Patient Information Leaflet

Tics/Tourette’s Syndrome

We may see children/young people with Tics or Tourette’s syndrome.

Information about these conditions can be found on:

Tourettes Action Website

NHS Choices - Tics

Toileting Difficulties

We sometimes see children who have difficulties with going to the toilet including constipation, soiling and continence issues including bedwetting or day time wetting. We would only see children who have already been seen and had some treatment from the GP or the Healthy Families Team. Please contact these health professionals first if you have concerns.

Please also see our Toileting Patient Information Leaflet