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Information for Parents and Guardians

The website for children and young people is designed to help patients and families find out what to expect when they use our services. To make sure the website is as useful and accessible as possible we have tailored the content to two different age groups:

  • 11 and under
  • 12 and over

Thank you to the children, young people and their families who kindly helped us make the videos, which cover four key areas of care:

  • Coming to outpatients
  • Staying in hospital
  • Having an operation
  • Having a test

The Children's and Young People’s Service
The Children's and Young People’s service cares for patients and their families from birth until adulthood (or older for young people with additional needs). The department includes the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, Children's and Young People's Clinic 11, the Paediatric Ward (Ward 25), Newark Outpatients and Community Paediatrics.

Making our Children's and Young People’s website

The project was overseen by a steering group that included staff from the Trust’s paediatrics and communications teams, plus patients, parents and creative professionals.We would also like to thank the media students at West Notts College who produced two videos for us (‘what to bring’ and ‘who will I meet on the ward?’ both in the 11 and under section).

Thank you
Without the help of the patients, their families and the Paediatrics team this project would have not have been possible.We are hoping to add more videos and other information to the website over time. We hope you find the website useful and would welcome any feedback that you may have. Please email with any comments or suggestions you may have.


11 and under
12 and over
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